What Is Marble

Marble (Marble) was inspired by the Maric's Place Live Action Role Play  (LARP) which is run in Canberra, and occasionally other places around Australia.

Marble is going to be a web based application which support GM's who run LARPs. Initially Marble will be targeted at the Maric's Place game, but will hopefully be extended to include other LARPs.

Some of the site will be available to any one who wonders by.  This information will be the publicly available (aka out of character) inforamation about characters, plots, stories and events.  Both players and GMs will have access to more detail.  For the players Marble will:

  • Present all of their character's details, including historical information and session information.
  • Allow their character's details to be updated.
  • Submit reports to the GM for a session they have attended.
GM's will be able to:
  • View any character's details.
  • Modify any character's details.
  • Create outlines for a session.
  • Pass information about a session back and forth between GMs, to develop a session.
  • Notify any one who is interested in a session when it will occur.


A Java platform will be used to develop the Marble.  This will at least include JSP and Servlets, but may also include a full J2EE environment. I am also considering using JDO as the interface to the database to avoid having to deal with the database issue of mapping between objects and the relational information.

I also have high hopes that this might, if done in the right way, will allow me to be able to extend the Java classes so that I can build a stand alone version of Marble.


I would like to acknowledge several people who are currently keeping me motivated and interested in the Maric's Role Playing System project.

For really being one of the lead designers and architects of the system. She has been invaluable when helping with the design of the authentication system. Elissa is also currently working on some screen designs, which I hope we will see shortly.
Who, as a student of IT I'm sure is using this as a great learning experience, just keeps throwing in his 2c worth. And it is VERY valuable.
Has provided some very useful comments about the place and I believe will provide some very useful info about other LARPs.
Has enspired the Marble with his Maric's Place LARP. Ryan has also helped greatly with the design and requirements.
Has helped by bringing focus back to the development as well as some great suggestions.